How Guroo Pro can help you deliver your next tailored, results-driven learning program

Our studio of experienced learning designers team up with our award-winning suite of tools to plan, create, and optimise learning that is perfectly aligned with your organisational needs. Whether its planning, designing, hosting, or full-scale authoring, we ensure timely delivery that gets your learning to you when you need it most.
"Blackmores Institute has worked closely with Guroo for 4+ years on many flagship projects. Their ultra-high standard of engaging learning, with evidenced behavioural changes, has led to 20+ joint awards for industry-leading education."
Paul Habekost
Program Manager | Blackmores Institute
Paul Habekost
Program Manager | Blackmores Institute

Expert learning support that drives business success

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees with the right training material is an opportunity to lay the foundation for your team’s success. At Guroo, we specialise in identifying the required knowledge and skills for the role, then building learning that prepares your new employees to excel. With plenty of experience in devising strategic corporate learning approaches tailored to the needs of your learners, you’ll not just be onboarding your new employees with Guroo but strategically positioning them for success.


Operations Training

Align learning outcomes with business goals and equip your organisation with the skills needed for success. Enhance your employee’s proficiency, boost confidence and create better customer experiences. With meticulous planning, efficient design, and effective content, we don’t just provide training; we pave the way for transferable learning that drives real business results.

Case Study

Woolworths - Store Management and Knowledge Share Program

With Woolworths key business objectives including a core focus on improving end-to-end operational processes in their stores and enhancing the customer experience, they communicated the need for a training and coaching program to help support this strategy.


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Organisational Change

Successful business transformation begins with supporting your teams to build the skills and competencies they’ll need to adapt effectively to new processes and systems, reducing resistance to change. Guroo Pro rapidly plans, develops, and deploys learner-focused, adaptable learning programs to promote a smoother transition, increases morale, and help you meet your strategic objectives.

Case Study

Budget Hearing Care - Pharmacy Training

Despite the inherent technical capacity of its products, BHC identified a knowledge gap among pharmacists and pharmacy assistants regarding hearing difficulties and the products available to improve them, ultimately enlisting Guroo Pro to develop an eLearning solution that bridges this gap.


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Customer Service & Product Training

The knowledge and performance of the staff on your frontline is the key to delivering rewarding and memorable customer experiences. That’s where we come in! Out adaptable action-based learning solutions gives your team the chance to grow and refine their skills through realistic scenario-based training.

Case Study

Blackmores Thailand Product and Sales Training

Blackmores Institute, the Group’s academic and research centre of excellence, knows better health literacy results in better health outcomes. As such, they set about developing an innovative training solution aimed at educating Thai product advisors to learn more about the benefits of complementary medicine and the Blackmores range.


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Risk & Compliance

Go beyond click-next compliance and embrace custom corporate training solutions that actively minimise risk, all while keeping your employees engaged and interested. Our adaptive, scenario-based approach to learning removes the redundant and mundane learning experience that is typical of compliance training. Get expert support, address core business demands and let Guroo Pro guide you towards a risk-aware workforce.


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