Personalisation and engagement.

Branching scenarios
Create multiple paths throughout your learning to adapt to learner’s knowledge, bypass unnecessary content and create responsive scenarios.
Personal learning plans
Capture information on your learner's goals, responses and capabilities to create a personalised learning plan that supports their growth.
Powerful, automatic personalisation
Build learning that adapts automatically based on your learner’s interactions to create a supportive, engaging learning experience.
Badge and game boards
Built-in gamification tools help you create learning that captures your learner's attention and drive ongoing engagement.
Branching-Scenarios-2-1 Personal-Learning-Plans Powerful-Automatic-Personalisation Badge-and-game-boards

Speed and customisation.

Library of screen designs
Kickstart your design with access to a huge library of flexible screen layouts and make development quick and easy.
Powerful multimedia objects
Enhance your learning with support through text objects, embedded audio and video and more.
A range of question options
Encourage deeper reflection from your learners with assessed, formative, reflective and short questions.
Extensive character and stock image library
Add professional quality graphics to your learning in just a few clicks with access to a library of characters and stock images.
Dozens-of-Screen-Designs Powerful-Multimedia-Objects A-Range-of-Question-Options Extensive-Character-and-Stock-Image-Library

Easy learning analytics.

Built in learning analytics
Make learning analytics a core part of your learning, not an afterthought, with built in analytics support.
Multi-dimensional scoring
Go beyond pass-fail metrics with multi-dimensional scoring that lets you track the outcomes that matter most to your organisation.
Smart personalised summary screens
Get a clear picture of the performance of your learning and your learners with automated, in-depth summary screens.
Built-In-Learning-Analytics Multi-Dimensional-Scoring Smart-Personalised-Summary-Screens-1

Powerful branding tools.

Take control of your themes
Effortlessly control the look and feel of your learning with's powerful theme editor.
Stay on-brand
Customise your learning to match your brand identity by uploading your logo and brand images.
New brand? No problem
Easily rebrand your learning programs – just change your template to update every part of your brand style.
Take-Control-Of-Your-Themes-b Stay-On-brand-2 New-Brand-No-Problem-2

Flexible design management.

Easily switch screen layouts
New screen layouts can be easily applied without sacrificing content or functionality.
Drag and drop module control
Easily adjust the sequence of your learning - simply drag and drop to re-order screens and content.
Shift screens and content across modules
With, your learning isn’t locked to a single experience, letting you quickly move screens from one experience to another.
Change question types in a click
Effortlessly change question types to ensure you have the right type of question for each stage of the learning journey.
Easily-switch-screen-layouts Drag-and-Drop-Module-Control Shift-Screens-and-Content-Across-Modules Change-Question-Types-in-a-Click

Simple scaling solutions.

Copy, edit and recontextualise
Quickly lift, paste and recontextualise your existing content across modules to speed up your learning development.
Search and grab content from projects
Built-in search functionality makes it easy to locate and copy the content that you’re looking for across your learning.
Create multiple language experiences
With, you can easily duplicate and translate your content to deliver your learning in multiple languages.
Copy-Edit-and-Recontextualise-1 Search-and-grab-content-from-projects-2 Create-Multiple-Language-Experiences-1

Accessible, responsive learning.

Automatically responsive
Built-in responsive design means that you can be confident that the learning you build with works for every platform.
Built-in WCAG 2.0 support
With built-in WCAG 2.0 support, your learning will be easily accessible to every learner without additional design or coding.
Accessibility health checker (coming soon)
Accessibility health-check tools will let you assess your learning and ensure you avoid accessibility issues.
Mobile-and-Device-Responsive-2 Built-in-WCAG-2.0-Support-1 Accessibility-Health-Checker

Manage teams and collaborate.

Manage your workflow with the agile board
Keep track of project flow and stay up-to-date on every issue with’s agile project management tools.
Gather comments from Subject Matter Experts
Easily track and gather comments as you collaborate with stakeholders and subject matter experts.
Create a share link
Generate a share link for each project to gather feedback and showcase project development.
Manage-Your-Workflow-With-the-Agile-Board Gather-Comments-from-SMEs Create-a-Share-Link

Develop more insightful learning.