In-depth learning insights
that drive
meaningful change.

Completion rates alone won't let you see the real impact of your learning, or track its contribution
to your organisation's goals. Analytics lets you go deeper, linking learning performance to the
KPls and outcomes that drive success.



"Guroo Analytics provides us with data and insights into learner behaviours that we previously couldn't access, such as learner readiness and confidence. This has helped us optimise our programs, significantly enhancing the learner experience."
Brett Friedman
Learning Designer
Blackmores Institute
Brett Friedman
Learning Designer
Blackmores Institute

Measure true learner capability.’s analytics lets you go beyond completion metrics to track a learner's true capability,
linking learning with workplace KPIs and enabling you to track learner confidence and competence
through reflective questions and action learning scenarios.
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Measure real learning outcomes
Easily see how your learning contributes to workplace performance.
diagnose learner needs (1)
Identify opportunities for development
Gain a better understanding of your learner's capabilities and development.
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Respond to business needs
Get the deep insights you need to have meaningful conversations with business stakeholders.

Address misconceptions and close skill gaps.

Deeper learning data can uncover your learners’ common misconceptions,
highlighting opportunities to close skills gaps and giving you the information you need
to optimise your courses and ensure your learning is delivering the right results.
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Discover where and how misconceptions arise.
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Identify drop out points in your learning pathway.
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Quickly update your learning to address gaps and issues.
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Impact metrics that matter.

Learner Confidence
Measure your learner's confidence to execute on key performance objectives.
Self Assessments
Get deeper insights into where your learners capabilities and attitudes lie.
Identify Gaps
Question and misconception reporting gives you insights into key knowledge gaps.
Learning Pathways
See the path people take in your learning.
See how, when and where people are accessing learning.
NPS & Feedback
Embed an NPS score and gather feedback for improvements.

Get more from your
learning data.