About Guroo Pro

Guroo Pro helps organisations reinvent their approach to learning by delivering a more insightful, results-driven learning solutions. We uncover what it is that businesses truly need from their learning and continuously optimise projects, all backed by industry-leading software that allows every stage of the learning process to be seamless, impactful, and simple.

Guroo Pro was founded in 2016, when Josh Humphries, Adam Steff and Daniel Steff left their day jobs to focus on their goal of creating engaging, high-impact and transformative learning experiences. They were soon followed by Donna Hanson-Squires and a team of passionate experts on their quest to reinvent the way we learn at work and to help organisations and people reach their full potential.

Starting in Sydney with a handful of committed clients, Guroo now has an office in Melbourne and clients around the world.


Our Values


We create learning with purpose

We always seek to understand the deeper purpose and goals behind the learning we make. This ongoing understanding enables us to continuously realign and recalibrate our efforts towards achieving those objectives.

We empathise first, then get it done

We take the time to truly understand our customers needs and the challenges they face, taking the necessary steps to deliver a solution with care, agility, and speed

We are transparent and upfront

We believe in transparency within our team and with our clients; that’s why we pride ourselves in being upfront, open, and honest at all times.

We master our craft

No matter the project, we work to understand your learners, clarify organisational goals, and craft a tailored plan so our expert team can exceed expectations, every time.

We innovate together

We embrace innovation through collaboration and are committed to continuously improving our learning solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the market.

We make the complex simple

Learning doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve made it our mission to keep things simple while delivering top-notch, impactful learning solutions. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience by offering only the best learning solutions.

How are we reinventing learning at work?

Data-Driven Learning

Traditionally, learning data has focused on a single metric - course completion. But this approach only reveals a small part of the performance and outcomes of your learning. With more in-depth data, you can track the goals that matter the most, linking learning performance with real-world results.

Measuring the true impact of your learning encourages a cycle of ongoing improvement and ensures that you are delivering the right outcomes.


Adaptive Learning

The best learning takes individuals into account. Learners come to their learning as people first – to be successful, learning should accommodate their previous knowledge, their unique motivations and their distinct goals.

Instead of offering ‘one size fits all’ learning, we believe in taking the time to understand who your learners are, what they want to achieve and how we can support them. With Adaptive Learning, personalisation can be built into the structure of a learning experience, delivering focused support at scale across an organisation.


Action Learning

For learning to drive lasting change and improve performance, it needs to be work-integrated. Too often, learning focuses on content, with little thought given to how new skills can be developed and transferred into workplace performance.

Action learning gives learners opportunities to practice their skills, linking learning to real-world tasks and supporting learners as they implement their new skills into their role, encouraging lasting workplace change.


Learning Expertise

Every organisation’s needs are unique. For each client, we work to develop a learning solution that will help to achieve your goals. Our studio team have worked to deliver successful learning solutions across a range of industries, giving you access to the learing design expertise to get the best results from your learning program.


Agile Learning

In the changing work environment, organisations need ways to respond to challenges with meaningful learning in record time.

Our software and our services are designed to streamline learning production. From scoping to design to delivery and optimisation, both Guroo’s in-house Studio team and our software are focussed on agile ways of working that deliver timely results.


Reinvent your learning and deliver the results you need