Everything you need to create, develop, and maintain your organisation's learning

Engaging learning that really works

With Guroo Pro Authoring, your whole team is empowered to create more engaging learning, with adaptive learning journeys that adjust to the needs of your learners, and branching scenarios that link learning with real-world outcomes.
Branching scenarios

Craft versatile learning paths tailored to learners' understanding, create dynamic scenarios that respond to their choices, and empower learners to skip content in which they are already competent.

Personal learning plans

Capture information on your learner's goals, responses and capabilities to create a personalised learning plan that supports their growth.

Provide meaningful feedback

Go beyond right and wrong by adding reflective and formative questions that encourage learners to consider how the subject matter applies to their individual situation.

Scoring aligned to learning outcomes

Create deeper results than just quiz scores, tracking multiple metrics that give learners a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

Map-goals-and-capture-objectives Build-key-personas Map-the-learning-journey Plan-to-measure-success

Flexible design tools

Design, change and apply layouts to your learning with a click. Guroo Pro gives you the tools and resources to manage, edit and update the look and feel of your learning.
Easily switch screen layouts

New screen layouts can be easily applied without sacrificing content or functionality.

Drag and drop module control

Easily adjust the sequence of your learning - simply drag and drop to re-order screens and content.

Shift content across modules

Our authoring tool enables your learning content to be versatile, allowing you to effortlessly duplicate and transfer screens between different experiences.

Change question types with a click

Effortlessly change question types to ensure you have the right type of question for each stage of the learning journey.

Easily-switch-screen-layouts-2 Drag-and-Drop-Module-Control-2 Shift-Screens-and-Content-Across-Modules-2 Change-Question-Types-in-a-Click-2

Accessible, responsive learning

Help ensure your eLearning is visible, accessible and performing at its best on every platform with our responsive design tools and built in accessibility support.
Automatically responsive

Built-in responsive design means that you can be confident that the learning you build works for every platform.

Built-in WCAG 2.0 support

With built-in WCAG 2.0 support, your learning will be easily accessible to every learner without additional design or coding.

Accessibility health checker

Accessibility health-check tools will let you assess your learning and ensure you avoid accessibility issues.

Build multiple language experiences

Effortlessly duplicate and translate your content to provide learning experiences in various languages.

Mobile-and-Device-Responsive-2 Built-in-WCAG-2.0-Support-1 Accessibility-Health-Checker-2 Create-Multiple-Language-Experiences-2

Agile design with ready-made libraries

Make learning design simple with our range of templates and resources that puts effective, result-driven learning programs at your fingertips.
Library of screen designs

Kickstart your design with access to a huge library of flexible screen layouts that make development quick and easy.

Powerful multimedia content

Say goodbye to mundane and repetitive learning and easily embed links, audio, video, and more.

A range of question types

Encourage deeper reflection from your learners with assessed, formative, reflective and short questions.

Extensive character library

Drag and drop professional quality graphics into your learning with our extensive library of characters and stock images.

Dozens-of-Screen-Designs-4 Powerful-Multimedia-Objects A-Range-of-Question-Options Extensive-Character-and-Stock-Image-Library

Maximise collaboration

Our cloud-based authoring tool makes it easy to seamlessly collaborate, keep stakeholders in the loop, and effortlessly share and re-use content from multiple team projects.
Manage workflows with agile boards

Keep track of project flow and stay up-to-date on every issue with our agile project management tools.

Align with Subject Matter Experts

Easily track and gather comments as you collaborate with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Find, edit and reuse content

Find, copy, paste, and adapt your existing content across modules, making the learning design process easier than ever before.

Create a share link

Generate a share link for each project to gather feedback and showcase your project's progress.

Manage-Your-Workflow-With-the-Agile-Board-2 Gather-Comments-from-SMEs-2 Copy-Edit-and-Recontextualise Create-a-Share-Link

Powerful branding tools

Keep your learning looks it’s best – with Guroo Pro Authoring, you can effortlessly design, implement, and refresh your brand's identity throughout your learning programs.
Take control of your themes

Effortlessly control the look and feel of your learning with our powerful theme editor.

Stay on-brand

Customise your learning to match your brand identity by uploading your logo and brand images.

New brand? No problem

Easily rebrand your learning programs – just change your template to update every part of your brand style.

Take-Control-Of-Your-Themes-b Stay-On-brand-2 New-Brand-No-Problem-2

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